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Positivity Radio New Zealand is a family of 100 Positivity Radio stations with 3 ambitions:

  • Uniting our communities
  • Assisting our businesses
  • Supporting our people

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Positivity Radio NZ
Positivity NZ Radio

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Our 100 Positivity Radio stations are already live across New Zealand and the World.

Every Positivity Radio station is –

News Free • Commercial Free • Listen Free



Each Positivity Radio station is a free gift from us to a New Zealand community.


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The tiny team with the big ambition

Each radio station is our gift to a NZ community. We want nothing in return other than the whole-hearted commitment of each community.

Our vision is that together we can build the world’s first ever family of community dedicated radio stations all radiating positivity and optimism for a more secure future for our nation.

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If you want to make a difference do things differently

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Tell us about yourself, your community and how you will mobilise a team to promote your community on your very own Positivity Radio station.

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Positivity Radio NZ is our gift to you. Listen to the first stations who are now building their content and you’ll swiftly appreciate the huge potential for your community.

All our stations are ‘live’ and you can now see which communities are already starting to build the character of their own station. Gradually they will increase this content to reflect the needs of their communities.

Surely it's time for you and your team to join New Zealand's most positive radio network?

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