About Positivity NZ Radio

The world’s first ever family of community radio stations with a completely positive focus.

We live in times with more uncertainty than most people have ever known. The jobs and lifestyles of tens of thousands of Kiwis are under immediate threat and we are worried about the future of our nation. And yet… history shows we’re at our formidable best when we work together as a team. Teams need focus. They need unifying messages. They need to be on the same page.

In March this year Noel Edmonds, the legendary UK television presenter and producer who now lives here, suggested a unique idea to a few Kiwi friends. They quickly formed an enthusiastic team which in just 6 weeks has created a network of 100 community radio stations dedicated to enhancing the lives of local people and businesses.

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Our gift to a NZ community

Each radio station is our gift to a NZ community. We want nothing in return other than the whole-hearted commitment of each community.

Our vision is that together we can build the world’s first ever family of community focused radio stations all radiating positivity and optimism for a more secure future for our nation.

That’s our story.

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