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Who are we?

We’ve been described as the “tiny team with the big heart” and certainly we’re punching well above our weight with this venture! What we lack in numbers we make up for with expertise. Our small group has a wide range of skills encompassing digital media technology, online marketing, social media, project development and most importantly radio production and broadcasting.

When did Positivity Radio start?

In 2015 Noel Edmonds, an experienced UK broadcaster, launched Positively Happy the world’s first radio station blending uplifting music with aspirational words of wit and wisdom. Without any advertising or promotion the station started to attract listeners simply through ‘word of mouth’. Gradually he added more stations, all are news-free, commercial-free and you can listen for free. Today PositivityNZ.Radio has over 100 stations and millions of supporters across the planet who either listen on the free app or the website where of course you’ll now find Positivity NZ Radio.

When did Positivity NZ Radio begin?

March 2020! Like everyone else we were in lockdown and recognising NZ communities were being disrupted, businesses destroyed, and vulnerable people were suffering we conceived the idea of supporting communities with the gift of their own Positivity Radio station.

Are the radio stations really a free gift?

Absolutely! Everything about Positivity Radio is free. Every radio station is free of news and commercials and most importantly Positivity Radio is subscription free. We pick up all the development, production and operational costs. All that the communities have to do is create their own personalised content.

Thanks for the gift but we know nothing about radio what do we do?

Okay, thankfully we do know a lot about radio! So, all you have to do is focus upon providing us with information about your local community activities; information about local businesses and information about your charities and your neighborhood support services. Please appreciate we want information not commercials. We leave news and commercials to the traditional broadcasters.

You describe this as a Positivity Partnership between you and NZ communities-how does this work?

Simple – Choose one person in your community to contact us with as much information as possible about your community and the kind of content you would want to supply. We then swiftly process your application and provide you with all the information you need to begin creating and recording the content for your radio station. We want your radio station to be hugely popular so we will guide you every step of the way. That’s why we call it a partnership.

Since Lockdown NZ media’s been struggling. Are you simply going to make matters worse for traditional radio?

We certainly hope not! Like everyone else in Aotearoa we appreciate the important role of mainstream media. PRNZ is unique. We don’t have news or commercials so we’re not in competition with the traditional broadcasters. In fact we occupy a media space that never existed before. We sit between traditional radio and social media. In many ways we’re providing the soundtrack to social media rather than competing with traditional radio.

How can I listen to my station?

Your radio station comes out of your phone, your tablet, your laptop, your desktop, your smart speakers, your car and your fridge. Okay maybe not your fridge but the point we are making is, to listen to Internet radio you no longer need a radio! And please remember your radio station can be heard by anyone at anytime, anywhere on the planet. Oh, and probably on the space station!!

You also have Positivity New Zealand and radio stations for the North and South Islands, why?

We all know we’re currently enduring more than just a health crisis. The economic ramifications are going to be extensive and enduring. We believe our economy and particularly our decimated travel industry needs worldwide promotion. There are millions of people around the world who still want to have an emotional and psychological connection with Aotearoa “The land of the long white cloud.” Hence, we have designed these stations to promote a truly positive image of New Zealand, so that when the world is free to move again, New Zealand will once again return to the top of every travellers wish list.

You say this is a world first but is that true?

Yes! Nobody has ever created a radio network supporting an entire nation and its individual communities. Nobody has ever offered the free gift of community radio stations bringing people together and assisting their businesses. We hope our vision will swiftly turn to reality and soon we’ll become a Kiwi institution. So, let’s give it a go!

Will you expand beyond NZ?

Hey, let’s make it work here first! Obviously we’d love others to follow our lead. After all we have a proud tradition of ‘firsts’ from women’s rights to climbing big mountains and it would be great if PRNZ was another first. It’s true New Zealand is now being congratulated around the world for the way we’ve responded to this significant challenge and we’re admired for our positive attitude to life so let’s hope others do follow our positive example.

Outside NZ where would this initiative work best?

Any country where there are positive people-so anywhere! Our neighbours in Australia could roll this out very quickly. The UK, Europe and many other countries need to recover from the lockdown and then we’d like to work with them. Hey, we’re not precious about this concept and we’d love to turn it into a global positivity movement.

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